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Would you like to discover those abilities slumbering in your dog in order to master upcoming challenges?

Yvonne Michele Green

Certified Animal Psychologist (ATN), CBATI Instructor

Understand my dog to reach targets together.


Many animal-psychological studies explain why a dog shows a certain desired or rather undesired behaviour in defined situations again and again.

As a result of those findings it`s possible to redirect an actual or even an already long exsisting behavior, which burdens the everyday life of dog and man/woman in a purposeful way. Based on observations and with the respective support the dog then learns to realize the desired behavior. And – in addition to this – the dog gains more self assurance in his social environment. Finally, at the end of the day, this will build up a harmonic relationship of trust between the both of you.

  • individual
  • on the same level
  • focussed on solutions
  • developing potential
  • practise orientated

The B.A.T. (Behavior Adjustment Training) may be understood or rather explained as a training tool adapted to the natural behavior of the dog. Developed by Grisha Stewart and establised in the USA in 2009, the B.A.T. Concept has been continuously developed since then. Today it differs from other common dog training concepts. When using this concept, you, being the dog holder, will determine the targets or rather the frame. Within this frame, your dog will then learn to behave and act in an appropriate way and in accordance with his species – so to say your dog „has a say“. This may lead you to very special and intensive senses of achievement. In particular dogs in „difficult“ situations (e.g. rushing into the leash or rather barking at other dogs) may stabilize their own resistivity against the source of the excitement and become more calm when applying this program. You`ll notice a so called „space of silence“ in which your four-legged companion will build up or relearn in a relaxed manner new and friendly behaviors against previous unloved conspecifics or other disruptive factors.
Thinking and acting independently will increase the joy and creativity of your dog and in cooperation with you the mutual trust will increase as well.
For both, human and dog, this means mutual appreciation and an increased quality of life.


Finally CanisConcept® offers participation in guided hikes with your dog. On these one or several day(s) tour(s) you and your dog may discover so far unknown regions, you will gain new and most interesting insights, promote activities and …  Just let your two souls dangle together.

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