Dog Encounters – with CanisConcept®

Would you like to encounter other dogs in a relaxed atmosphere in the future?

Begegnungstraining für Hunde CanisConcept

Dog Encounters –
B.A.T. (Behavior Adjustment Training) in Constance

Perhaps you`ll know this situation already?

When your dog is aware of another dog, he becomes unsure, rushes into the leash, barks at the other dog or even becomes aggressive?

Your reaction …

To avoid possible future encounters with other dogs, you look for detours or change the familiar habits and you become more and more tense… in a word: for you and your dog the walk becomes a huge strain and a burden or even ends up in an endless spiral of being upset.

This B.A.T. Course will take place together with other dogs. Based on your observations and with your support this course offers your dog the opportunity to learn and realize friendly, natural and desired behaviors when encountering other dogs in the future. Training together with your dog you`ll gain self assurance and control when facing precarious situations. Furthermore you will both discover to encounter these challenges with curiosity and pleasure.

Finally bit by bit your dog will develop more emotional stability in his social environment.

B.A.T. Basic Course for participants with one dog each consists of:

3 training sessions  (90 min. each) without dog
1 training session   (60 min. +/-)* individual training with your dog
6 training sessions  (60 min. +/-)* training sessions together with other dogs

Please note that your dog is lead on a leash during the entire course.

* Duration of sessions with dogs may vary, depending on a set up and your dog`s actual state of mind.

  • Costs: € 375,- per participant with one dog

  • B.A.T. Advanced Courses are available in connection to B.A.T. Basic Course

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