Guided Hikes – with CanisConcept®

Would you like to leave your and your dog`s everday life behind in order to go on exceptional hiking and just to let your and your dog`s souls dangle?

CanisConcept – Wanderungen mit Hund

Instructive and eventful guided hikes with your dog.

With „CARPE DIEM CANIBUS“ you and your dog will discover together with other dogs some new regions around the Lake of Constance or even beyond. On these hikes you will experience a combination of a special educational theme on the one side and a hike of various degrees of difficulty on the other side. The focus is, in any case, on learning, experiencing and mastering challenges, depending on duration (from hours to day(s)) and intensity (from „easy“ to „alpine“).


Well, then let`s go out in the fresh air…, as we know that hiking releases happiness hormones, puts you in a good mood and being outside in the nature is just good for you and your dog.

In other words: Enjoy the day with the dogs – just „CARPE DIEM CANIBUS“.

Examples for hikes

“Bärlauch und noch mehr…(“Wild garlic and more…”)
On the Höri, with a romantic view of the Lower Lake
Duration: approx. 4 hours, Degree of difficulty: 2 dog paws

„Himmel und Erde” (“Heaven and Earth“) – Ebenalp/Switzerland
So close to the sky…and the smell of cheese…”
Duration: approx. 5 hours, Degree of difficulty: 3 – 4 dog paws

„Der Schweizer Nachthimmel“ (The Swiss sky at night”)
Evening atmosphere at Arenenberg
Duration: approx. 3-4 hours, Degree of difficulty: 1 – 2 dog paws

„Waldbaden am Hühnerbohl“ (“Forest Bathing at Hühnerbohl”) – Bodanrück
Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy…How you as a dog owner may find more peace and serenity with special breathing techniques.
Duration: approx. 4 hours, Degree of difficulty: 1 dog paw

… and much more!

  • Basic Costs: Between € 15,- and € 30,- per dog and hour depending on number of participants. Add. costs may occur (e.g. cable car, mountain gondola, meals, overnight stay).
  • Details and dates: on demand
  • Size of group: max. 4 participants
  • Please note:

    Your dog gets along with other dogs in a group and with people as well.
    Furthermore it may happen, that we`ll meet other animals (e.g.cows or sheeps).
    On some trails it is indispensable that you`re surefoted.
    Finally you must make sure that your dog is on a lead during the entire hike.

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